PROJECT 4 Social Web & Ecommerce


Creating a web banner as an animated GIF

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I decided to create a community website for people interested in Graffiti as an art form, so I called it, wait for it… GRAFFITIART. This site I created from scratch, no templates used just Themeify builder. On my site you can explore places around the world where there is amazing art work. You can view a gallery which would be updated daily. Read about the latest artists and what they have been up too. Watch a time lapse video of a garage being sprayed. About page and Forum created in tabs to further the sites popularity. It also has a link to my GRAFFITIART shopping page (website design below) where you can by T-shirts, trainers, spray paint and more. Only on the live website you can see a nifty web banner created in photoshop as a GIF (seen above) as an example of advertising you can create for the web. SEO is in place as standard.





For my shopping website I tied it into what I had already created with my community site. On the GRAFFITIART  shopping website you can by Trainers, T-shirts, spray paint and more related to Graffiti Art. Here the two website work in conjunction with one another driving traffic backwards and forwards to one another. Using the same logo I designed for familiarity across both sites, I created individual product pages and brought them all together in a catalog. I added brands logos, a location map of the store and some advertising driving to my GRAFFITIART community website, also a subscribers option. Social media links as standard in the footer. Colors and fonts are the same across both sites to create uniformity in style and design. SEO is in place as standard.






I looked at broad range of community websites and shopping sites of which some included, Brighton council, Facebook, Macrumours, Apple store, Amazon, Net-A-Porter, All saints, Topman, Size to gather understanding of what content and used in what way when creating both my sites. Sketches of wireframes are also useful when starting a site from scratch so you can position content to give the right look and feel for your site.